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In the best interests
of all,
based on
respect for freedom.​
What I can do for you


Ideas: strategy, coaching.

Messages: key messages only, or all messages.

  • Texts, live (public speaking, events, discussions) – professional level.

  • Images, video/audio – amateur level.

Cultures and markets: English-speaking, French-speaking, Scandinavia, Slavic countries, Baltics. I speak 10+ languages, most freely English, Swedish, French, Russian, and Belarusian.

Previous customers, experience

My career started in 2003. I worked mostly in (i) linguistic & communications services, (ii) foresight, and (iii) marketing. I helped over 900 corporate customers from diverse industries, including large multinational corporations and top government officials. Typically, the problems I worked on had an international component.

Why Lauras Nareiko

  • Intrinsic motivation to do good to the world through conversations.

  • Clarity, clarity, clarity.
    My skills in futures studies, mathematics, and linguistics help me understand complexity and explain it simply to others.

  • Clarity brings change.
    Having understood their current situation and future options, people often want new experiences.

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