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May the other side
also be heard.

Latin expression

The other side, the criticizing one, are always a minority. They need to be more creative, consequently. That's where I have been most of my life.

     As a result, I have got some experience and, most importantly, a mentality that can solve problems differently. I can design something useful - or help you train your creativity.

     'Design something useful' means I am solving all sorts of problems by developing alternative futures. The latter can be in the form of futures images, scenarios, concept designs of a product/service/business, etc. I call it human systems design because even 'purely' technological problems often boil down to 'human' ingredients, such as ideas and desires.

     I also develop exercises and inspirations for creativity - feel free to browse my blog or products, like 100 Creativity Exercises.

Key facts:

Background in Foresight, Intuition and Business:

  • A PhD candidate and a Master of Arts in Futures Studies, University of Turku​, Finland - one of the countries known for their advanced foresight capacity.

  • Participant of a one-year seminar Holistic Guidance Body-Mind-Spirit led by Sabine Hahne.

  • Master of Humanities from the Belarusian State University, where I studied International Economics, Law, languages and a number of cross-disciplinary courses. Competent in Communications, Maths, ICT.


Entrepreneur since 2006, providing communications and foresight services. Served over 900 corporate customers of varying sizes, coming from different industries and ends of the world.

Languages and cultures: Fluent in English, French, Russian, Swedish, Belarusian. Less fluent in Norwegian, Finnish, German, Latvian, Polish, Ukrainian. I lived in Belarus, Nordics, Baltics, Germany, and USA.

A young traveler may know more
than an old man.

(Belarusian proverb)

Some recent projects:​


  • ICT roadmap (research)

  • Global surveillance system (research in progress)

  • Universal foresight system (a tool)

  • New human needs in safe sci-fi futures (research)

  • Futures of blockchain technologies (research)

  • Predictive value of cultural dimensions for sharing industry


  • ICT and other high tech:

    • Introduction of a digital twin at a manufacturing company

    • Vision of autonomous maritime transport

    • Robotization of small-scale manufacturing

    • User interface for an industrial equipment

    • Digital health perspectives for a global ICT player

    • Business concept for an ICT consulting company

    • Concept and market entry strategy for an asset management service in the shipping industry

    • Market entry and growth strategy for a new type of food

  • Society:

    • Global governance model (a contest entry)

    • Service concept for a state agency

    • Game to provoke creative thinking about sustainability

    • Online content rewarding system

    • Plan for liberation of Belarus (implemented in 2020)

Some scientists say we fear the new.
Let's prove them wrong :)
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