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Do Quantum Brains Connect to a ‘Divine’ Satellite?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Roger Penrose was awarded one half of the Nobel prize in physics in 2020. Some of his ideas are about consciousness. (Not the ones for which he was awarded.) If I understood them well, Roger thinks that some particles in human brains can be entangled with some other particles outside the human body. In quantum physics, two entangled particles stay synchronized (keep the same condition or change it simultaneously) no matter how distant they are.

If this is true, then we can know something about the world because we are entangled with it. Some information comes to our brains about the external ‘particles’ we are entangled with. It is probably what we call intuition, intuitive knowledge about things we could not know: we receive insights about things that we think about – or they send us some information even if we have not thought about them.

As intuitive insights can come to us about many things, we must be connected to them somehow. Are we connected to each and every thing in the world directly or are we connected to them via an intermediary ‘cloud processing capability’ that is, in its turn, connected to all things? If I would be an architect of such a big system, I would design it in the second way. It is more efficient: agents send their data or queries to the central processing core and receive answers from it. This allows connecting asynchronously, among other things.

Then what religions call a ‘God’ could be such a powerful core, a satellite that connects us with everything. And we are entangled with it through some divine particles. I do not know if this is true, but let’s stay connected :)


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