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End of Knowledge

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

- We have reached the end of knowledge.

- Are you 100% sure?

- Yes, I am. As we have expected, our system has computed all possible paths, all possible discoveries, all possible “surprises”, if we can use this word any longer.

- It sounds fantastic, even if we have been hoping for success since long. Like someone said, far in the past, ‘It’s a giant leap for the humankind.’ Have you discovered anything truly breath-taking?

- Well, not really. Nothing that could deeply change us, I believe. There are many astounding ways to reach failures but not so many to live a wonderful life.

- Like what?

- Like playing football, for example. Although we know everything about it, it is still fun to play, right? We are still making decisions freely at every moment, so it is still an adventure. We know we can either win or lose, but it is not the most important part.

- Indeed, the most interesting part is to play. To be the best of you, to face the best of others.

- I agree.

- Hmm, then we did not need to reach the end of all knowledge? We could also live in wonderful ways without it, couldn’t we?

- Looks like we could. Just in case, I have a ball in my bag here…


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